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Architecture Design

The common stereotype is that architects ‘draw pretty pictures’ of buildings. That may be true – the presentation of information is important, but it only scratches the surface .

 Elites' input into design and build can include both drawn and written information.  The drawings are in reality diagrams that record a complex and many layered process of decision making which we will work with you through the process.

Our associated Architects  will bring their experience, training, knowledge and contacts to lead a design and delivery process.

Interior Design

At Elite, we will deliver an artistic vision to life to your living space. Our associated  Interior Designers will enhance your home making it more functional, liveable, and most importantly, more enjoyable. While working with you on the interior design aspect of your project they take into consideration function, form as well as aesthetics. When they deliver your aesthetically pleasing interiors project within your home the detail-oriented team will consider every element of the design, including lines, colour, texture, pattern and specification. Regardless of budget, our associated designers with extensive knowledge within the interiors industry will deliver your new space from conception to completion.

Interior design
Project Management

We use our extensive experience to help clients maximise their budgets and minimise the stress of the design and renovation process from beginning to end.

Once a project design has been confirmed, we are able to plan the works to be carried out and establish a budget, or work within one. In order to do this we provide a detailed specification of required materials and labour, which can be revised accordingly.

This budget report enables us to minimise any risks of overspend, during the projects timeline, whilst allowing clients to explore the cost of other variations before the works begin in order to avoid any over-spending.


Project Scheduling: We will create a plan before the works commence that will show how long the project will take and when each item of work is scheduled to begin. This allows our clients to see when any design decisions need to be finalised and when the project will be completed. 

Project Management
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